If you do any repetitive typing, you will immediately recognize the benefits of ShortKeys.

Below are just a few of the ways that ShortKeys can enhance your computer experience and save you time.

Call Centers

Customer support or service centers automate responses to repetitive questions.


Educators simplify online grading, comments and communications to students.


Medical transcriptionists will love this program for its flexibility and ease of use.

Boilerplate Text

Create boilerplate text for Legal, Medical, Dental, Insurance, Banking and more.

Software Developers

Software developers will find this a real time saver for inserting code.

Price Quotes

Quickly respond to customer requests for sales or service quotes.


Autocorrect common typing errors or difficult spellings.

Reduce Strain

Reduce repetitive typing strain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Order Forms

Easily insert repetitive information required on order or other entry forms.

Personal Information

Quickly insert personal information into documents, forms or emails.


Easily insert symbols, international or Unicode characters into documents.

Time Stamp

Date and time stamp items by typing a shortkey shortcut.

Use ShortKeys for anything that you type repeatedly!