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A 60 second introduction on how to type fast with ShortKeys.

Easy to use, but packed with features

Insert Embedded Links

Insert embedded hyperlinks and email address links directly into documents and apps with ShortKeys.

Add Date and Time Stamps

Date and/or time stamp documents or records with the current date/time. Or enter adjusted dates/times as needed.

Easily Add Symbols or Characters

Play back international characters or symbols. Also include Unicode characters for playback.

Reduce pain with ShortKeys

Delay or Pause Macro Playback

Add delays to the text playback. Or pause the macro to insert custom text and then continue the playback.

Type faster with ShortKeys

Add Miscellaneous Keys

For increased functionality play back keys such as Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Delete, Tab and many others.

Limit Playback to Specific Windows

By default, ShortKeys runs in any Windows application. Optionally choose to limit the playback to specific windows.

Insert Images

Use ShortKeys to easily insert images into documents and applications. 

Auto text expander allows you to adjust text speed

Adjust Text Playback Speed

Optionally choose the speed at which the text plays back. Or paste the text via the clipboard.

Shortcut key replace word feature

Replace Word Feature

Type an additional character in the shortcut key to change the word ending in the replacement text.

TextExpander text insertion

Use Rich Text

Insert the text with various font types, sizes, colors and more into any application supporting the Rich Text format. 

Network and Cloud Support

Share and sync your shortkey macros with colleagues by saving them to a shared network drive or the cloud.  

Customize Look and Feel

Customize the look of the program with different fonts, colors, button positions and more.

Type faster in three easy steps!


Choose a shortkey

Enter a shortcut key abbreviation to activate the macro.




Insert the text

Type or paste into ShortKeys the text to play back, and save.


Thank you very much.


Run the macro

Type the shortkey into an app and watch the text expand.


Type tvm and it is replaced with
Thank you very much.

Activating a shortkey macro

Prefix Key

Type one, two or no characters before the shortkey to activate.

  – or –

Suffix Key

Type the shortcut key and press Space or Enter to activate.

Playback options

Paste text through the clipboard to maximize playback speed of long text strings.

Type the text via the keyboard. Optionally adjust the playback speed.


Play back in rich text format with different font types, sizes and colors.

Macro files

  • All shortcut keys are stored in .shk macro files. 
  • Create virtually an unlimited number of shortkeys per file. 
  • Each individual shortkey may contain up to 65,536 characters.
  • If desired, load two or more macro files for simultaneous use. 
  • Optionally password protect the shortkey macros.

ShortKeys runs on Windows.


To learn more, read the ShortKeys Feature sheet.

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