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ShortKeys text expander tool box

Program Features

  • Create an unlimited number of shortkey data files.
  • Load more than one macro file at a time.
  • Create virtually an unlimited number of shortkeys (text and text replacements) per file.
  • Include up to 65,536 characters of text per shortkey macro.
  • Password protect your shortkey data files.
  • Network option with File Locking capability.
  • Sort shortkeys into categories.
  • Import and export shortkey macros.
  • Automatic file backup and program update options.
  • Customize the look and feel of the ShortKeys text expander program.
  • Add notes to any shortkey for later clarification.
  • Supports ultra-high definition / 4K monitors.


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Text Playback

  • Use a one or two character Prefix Key to initiate the playback of a shortkey.
  • Or use the Suffix Key option of Space or Enter to trigger the shortkey playback.
  • Allow additional punctuation keys to run the shortkey.
  • Retype the suffix key after the replacement text has been inserted.
  • Invoke a “hint mode” window to notify of an impending text replacement.
  • Create suffix/gerund endings such as -ing, -ed, -ment, etc. for replacement text words.
  • Require that the shortkey be input exactly (i.e. upper and lower case sensitive).
  • Capitalize the first letter of the replacement text if the first letter of the shortkey is capitalized.

Other Playback Options

  • Send the replacement text either through the keyboard or via the clipboard.
  • Play back in Rich Text format with different fonts, colors, sizes, etc.
  • Insert images into applications.
  • Insert embedded hyperlinks.
  • Insert embedded email links.
  • Set the speed of characters typed when sending keystrokes through the keyboard.
  • Pause the playback to allow for manual entry. Resume with a key press. 
  • Add timed delays to the text playback. 
  • Allow macros to play back in all programs or limit to a specific window or windows.

Additional Characters and Keystrokes

  • Include symbols or international characters.
  • Insert current, past or future dates.
  • Insert the TAB, Enter, Arrow keys and more.
  • Add the current or adjusted time.

To learn more about our text expander, read the ShortKeys Features sheet.

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