Tutorial - Prefix Keys


This tutorial steps through the process of creating and running a shortkey using the Prefix activation method.


Prefix Key

1.  Open the ShortKeys window by pressing Ctrl + Up Arrow or click on the icon in the notification area.


2.  From the program menu click on Options > Preferences > Playback and select the General tab.




3.  Select Use Prefix Keys and enter z as the Prefix Key. Click OK to save and return to the ShortKeys window.


Create the ShortKey

1.  Click on the icon circled below to create a new shortkey macro in the Modify Keys window.


2.  Enter test into the Shortkey edit box.

3.  Tab to the Replacement Text edit field and type or paste: The brown cow jumped over the moon



4.  Click on the Save and Close button. 


Run the Shortkey Macro

1. Run the Windows Notepad program.
2. Place the cursor in the Notepad window and type the following: ztest
3. The ztest is erased and replaced with the text: The brown cow jumped over the moon

4. Test the shortkey in other applications. It will work there as well.