Save Time!

Automate repetitive typing

Anything that you type repeatedly can be saved to a shortkey. Instead of typing the same boring thing for the hundredth time today, type a couple of letters and let ShortKeys text replacement do it for you. Eliminate typos and the time it takes to fix them.

Help Desk/Customer Support

You receive the same inquiries again and again. Why retype the same responses? Let ShortKeys do it for you.

"Working in a customer support business, where scripts are often repeated, having ShortKeys installed has saved us countless hours."
Jason K.
Stop transcription repetitive typing


Cut down the transcription time. Why type a medication name that is 30 characters long, when you can do it with 2 or 3?

"I hope you're selling this to the transcribing industry. We're the people who use it most -- court, legal and medical transcriptionists. This program is amazing."
Luceil A. M.


Simplify online grading, comments and communications with students. You will love the free time that ShortKeys provides.

"ShortKeys helps me immensely with my Online teaching, especially when commenting on student discussions and when grading papers. For repetitive and frequently used sentences and paragraphs, ShortKeys can't be beat."
Ken L.

Other Work

Let’s face it. A lot of computer work is simply repetitive typing and boring. Save time and speed through it with ShortKeys.

"I'm telling ALL my new coworkers about this program. We are Project Managers and type a lot of the same stuff over and over. I don't know how I'd survive without my short keys!"

How can you use ShortKeys?

Check out our Uses page for other ideas on using ShortKeys.

Or better yet, review your own repetitive typing and let ShortKeys do the typing for you. 

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