The Lesser Known Benefits of ShortKeys Shortcut Key Program

A shortcut key program provides a number of benefits to employees that want to increase their productivity. Generate sentences and paragraphs of pre-determined text with only a couple of keystrokes. Reduce time writing monotonous text; decrease the chance of developing carpal tunnel syndrome and reply to customers faster.


In addition to these there are also a number of lesser known benefits to a shortcut key program that many users of the software don’t realize until they are already using it. These advantages are just as helpful as the obvious and they include:

Useful but Lesser Known Benefits of ShortKeys

1. If a customer wants to display text in a specific format, such as with spacing, they can use the option to play back the text through the clipboard rather than type letter by letter. This will paste the text into the application in the format saved in ShortKeys. This saves even more time than the already known benefits of a shortcut key program.

2. If a program user needs to insert different fonts, font colors, sizes, justification or underlining, etc. they can do this with the Rich Text format option. With the Rich Text tools, program users can choose fonts, colors, etc. Or if the text is already formatted in another application, users can simply copy and paste it into ShortKeys. Whenever the shortkey combination is typed it will paste the text just as displayed in ShortKeys. Rich Text also may be used for Unicode characters. Or use the Alt Key Sequence option in ShortKeys to play back Unicode characters.

3. The wait for key press option will pause the text playback to allow the user to insert custom text. When finished they can press a designated key such as the ESC key to have the shortkey resume its playback. This allows for on the fly customization which can be useful on a day-to-day basis when responding to customer inquiries, writing reports or doing any other project that requires ShortKeys.

Shortkeys is a program that continues to help many workers and writers consolidate their time and increase their productivity. The program is easy to configure and once the keystrokes have been defined users can easily replicate the text that they commonly type to save time and to break the monotony of typing the same text over and again throughout the day. This leads to employees that are more productive and happier in their role.

ShortKeys is used by a variety of professions from customer service, to home inspectors to doctors. Even the programmers that designed the software use their own product to cut back on their time responding to inquiries and answering commonly asked questions.