The Benefits of Text Replacement Macro Software from Insight Software Solutions, Inc. for the Medical Industry


The medical industry involves a lot of documentation and recordkeeping. Unfortunately, this can be a time consuming effort that takes valuable time away from medical workers. The repetitive typing that is involved can become tedious and even outright boring. There is text replacement Macro software on the market that provides a number of benefits to the medical industry including eliminating typos, shortcuts for medications and symptoms and a valuable tool for medical transcription and recordkeeping. Read to learn about text replacement Macro software, and how it can provide convenience and time saving benefits to the medical industry.

Why Use Macro Software in the Medical Industry?

1. Eliminate Typos

The medical field requires accuracy but monotonous tasks can sometimes cause errors when typing for long periods of time. One of the biggest advantages of using text replacement software is that common words and phrases can be programmed so that only one or two keystrokes are required to complete an entire sentence. Once the words and phrases have been programmed in, there is never any worry that the word will be spelled incorrectly when using the program.
Text replacement software is easy to use and program. Even interns and new administrators will be able to learn how to use it. This makes work easier, faster and more accurate, which is a necessity in the medical industry.

2. Shortcuts for Medications and Symptoms

Doctors, transcribers and administrators tend to use the same medications and symptoms over and again in their day-to-day typing duties. A text replacement software program gives the ability to program these common words so that they do not have to be typed repetitively throughout the day. This is also beneficial for medications that are challenging to type, due to scientific terminology or word length. It makes prescriptions and record keeping much easier on the nurses, doctors and every other team member in the medical facility that has to type similar words often throughout the course of the day.

3. Record Keeping

Many doctors want to keep detailed records of their diagnosis and the patient’s progress in recovery but after a long day of treating patients many physicians find it difficult to create detailed notes. Due to the text replacement software being able to copy words, sentences and even paragraphs, anyone can get their notes completed much more quickly than writing it out in full. Not only does this save time but it eliminates typing errors, so the doctor will always have a professional and detailed record of all of his or her patient’s history and what steps have been taken to treat the condition.


ShortKeys is a text replacement utility to insert blocks of text into other applications by simply typing a few user defined keystrokes. Anytime a user defined keystroke combination is typed, it is substituted with the replacement text. The text replacement Macro software saves time by automating tedious and repetitive typing.