Save time in Customer Service with ShortKeys and Keystrokes for Windows

Customer service is a role that involves a lot of repetitive and monotonous text. However, individuals in the field of customer service have a lot more to do than simply typing replies to clients. This is a very important job that relies heavily on appeasing customers, thinking up solutions and providing information. With text replacement software, customer service representatives receive a variety of benefits including: using text replacement software to reduce typing, increasing speed and providing support to more customers.

What are the Benefits of Text Replacement Software?

1. Type Faster to Save Time

ShortKeys is a Windows text replacement utility designed to help individuals in a variety of industries, including customer service, to type faster and more accurately. This program allows users to create abbreviations (shortkeys) for longer words and phrases which will save employees time and companies money.

To use this software, the user can easily define a shortkey for a longer text string, such as tvm for Thank you very much. Now instead of typing Thank you very much, only tvm needs to be typed into any Windows application and ShortKeys will do the rest, instantly replacing the shortkey abbreviation with the longer text string. This program allows employees to create any number of shortkeys and type faster than ever, which frees up time for higher quality customer service.

2. Free Up Time to Provide a Better Service

If a customer service representative has to think less about the repetitive typing and spend less time on monotonous duties, they have the capacity to be better at what they do; providing an exceptional level of customer service. All too often customer service representatives become robotic and focus on getting the same answers out to their customers.


With text replacement software they can program the common responses to questions and not have to type the same block of text each and every time. This saves a lot of energy and reduces boredom on the job so they still have the capacity to talk to customers, think up creative solutions to problems and take on other roles within their customer service position that benefits and enhances the company.

3. Provide a Faster Service

Even answers to repetitive questions can take a long time to answer if the customer service representative is a perfectionist that has to read over his or her work several times before sending it out. Text replacement software allows the perfected block of text to be saved and used in a response every time the same or similar question is asked. This benefits businesses as their customers receive answers much sooner.


In many highly competitive industries sending fast responses can make the difference between a business that gets the client and one that loses out to a business with faster response times.