Revision History

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  1. Fixed a bug that prevented printing.
  1. Made a change to improve Automatic Updates.
  2. Signed with the latest code signing certificate for enhanced security and trust.
  3. Fixed a bug that caused a crash.
  4. Fixed a bug that could cause the program to not close.
  5. Numerous improvements and bug fixes.
  1. Updated to improve stability and patch a security vulnerability.
  1. Fixed a bug with deadkey handling that caused shortkeys to stop working after an accented uppercase letter was entered.
  1. Fixed a bug that prevented upper case accented letters from being typed when using an international keyboard layout.
  1. Bug fixes and enhancements.
  2. Added the option to “Only backup local files” (not available on ShortKeys Lite).
  3. Fixed the cause of a crash that could occur with certain Windows 11 visual themes.
  4. Added support for Windows 11, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server 2022.
  5. Fixed a problem where a macro file could be loaded more than once when a .wcfg file that has extra spaces around the macro file path is used.
  1. Added Restart ShortKeys to the File menu.
  2. Added Suspend/Resume ShortKeys to the File menu.
  3. The status bar notification now displays a message if the program is suspended. Clicking on it resumes ShortKeys.
  4. Fixed issues with international keyboard layouts that have dead keys.
  5. Fixed a problem where pressing and releasing the Ctrl key did not always fix things when shortkeys were not activating.
  6. Numerous bug fixes and enhancements.

Below is a list of the major changes to ShortKeys 4. New features have been added, but the program is still incredibly simple to use.

New look and feel

 Updated the look and feel of the program to make it more functional and even easier to use.


Insert Hyperlinks

Embed text hyperlinks or email address links into applications.


Insert Images

Easily insert an image into applications.


Password Protection

Add password protection to your shortkey .shk macro files.


Save and New

To speed up the creation of new shortkey macros, a Save and New button has been added to save a current shortkey and start working immediately on a new one.


More control over individual shortkeys

Simplified options to customize individual shortkey playback with delay timing, clipboard or keyboard playback, and more.


Additional keys

Increased the number of keys that ShortKeys can play back, such as the F1 – F12 keys, Alt Down, Alt Up, Control Down, Control Up, Enter and others.


Automated updating

An optional automated update process is included to ensure you are using the latest version. 


Supports 4K monitors

Support for ultra-high definition / 4K monitors. Program windows display correctly in higher resolution monitors.


Customize look of program

Optionally customize the look of the program with different colors, button arrangements and font sizes. Choose which columns in the ShortKeys window to display.

Other Enhancements

  • Improved the Backup and Restore options.
  • Added more predefined choices to the Custom Data/Time Format field
  • Clicking on a ShortKeys icon now activates the program instead of displaying a message that ShortKeys is already running.
  • Pressing the ESC key in the Modify Keys dialog closes it.
  • Added more options to the Replace Word tab.
  • Updated the Symbols dialog to allow symbols from various fonts.
  • Redesigned the Quick Setup Wizard.
  • Includes many updates to work better with Windows 10.
  • The replacement text is now encrypted in the shortkey file.