Product Support Policy

Product Support Lifecycle

Current Support

Begins from the date a specific version is released and lasts until the next version is released. All customer support services are available.

Extended Support

Begins when a newer version is released and ends after 2 years.

Self-Service Support

Remains available for 7 years after Extended Support ends. This includes the Knowledge Base articles, technical documentation, and discussion forums.

End of Support

All support, including online resources, ends 7 years after the release date of a replacement version.

Type of SupportCurrentExtendedSelf-Service
Product documentation, Knowledge Base articles, and discussion forum.
Full support including product updates for critical security and functional bugs, and compatibility issues introduced by Windows updates.
Product updates, including new features, improved OS support, security, and other functionality improvements.
Access to customer support team via online resources.

We recommend using the latest version of the program to receive the best user experience and receive the latest enhancements, bug fixes, and security patches.

For trial version users support is only offered for the most current release.

Support Status

ProductReleasedExtended Support StartExtended Support EndEnd of Support
ShortKeys 4
ShortKeys 5 releaseShortKeys 5 release + 2 years
ShortKeys 4
30 July 2021ShortKeys 5 releaseShortKeys 5 release + 2 years
ShortKeys 3
13 April 202030 July 202130 July 202330 July 2028

Insight Software Solutions reserves the right to make changes to this Support Policy.