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Abbreviate the Time You Spend Typing in 2014 with ShortKeys Keystrokes Typing Software for Windows

Kaysville, UT – Insight Software Solutions builds on their promise to provide high-quality user friendly products for Microsoft Windows by announcing their latest keystrokes for Windows, ShortKeys Text Expansion Software. Quick to install and easy to use, this macro software is ideal for professionals who have to repetitively type the same text over and again on a daily basis – with just a few simple keystrokes, they can speed up their work and increase productivity.


When asked about the usefulness of ShortKeys, Richard M., a customer service representative, stated “ShortKeys has been an indispensible tool for me. I do a lot of repetitive typing and this tool has cut my workload by 75%”.


Insight Software Solutions is a pioneer in developing first-rate, easy-to-use software products for Microsoft Windows based operating systems. With the introduction of the keystrokes for Windows, the software company has once again proven that it is dedicated to empower its customers and make their jobs easier.


Questioned about how ShortKeys helps to increase efficiency, a blogger, Christine O., commented “This program is invaluable for anyone who wants to get a lot done on the computer. It’s wonderful for storing (and making available at a keystroke) commonly used or hard to remember scripts, automessages, even addresses.”


ShortKeys can be used in homes, businesses and even government entities. The benefits of using keystrokes for Windows extend from time saving to averting injuries. By eliminating the need to input repetitive words, sentences and paragraphs, the software solves the time crunch problem and enhances productivity. When mundane tasks are reduced, there is less possibility of boredom.


The software enables amateur computer users to perform complex tasks and avoid typing errors through automation. Bloggers can benefit from the software by replacing similar words or sentences with convenient keystrokes. With the use of keystrokes for Windows, chances of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or pain in wrists and hands are reduced because there is less typing involved. If the user has any doubts regarding the use of ShortKeys, detailed video tutorials are a great source of how-to.


Not only does ShortKeys save time and effort, it allows importing abbreviations or autocorrect files to use in all applications. Simple integration tools enable the user to copy text from other sources and paste into ShortKeys. The software comes in a 30-day trial version or a fully licensed version.


Another medical representative who has profited from ShortKeys remarked, “Let me tell you this – ShortKeys ROCKS! It’s one of those silent behind the scenes tools that saves me hundreds of hours and lots of keystrokes throughout the year.”


Use of keystrokes for Windows by customer service representatives and call center agents can eliminate the need for typing similar answers to repetitive queries by customers. For teachers, it is a very useful tool for grading, commenting and leaving notes. Boilerplate text can be created in businesses such as legal, medical, insurance, banking or real estate organizations where there is recurring use of standard phrases, terminology and clauses.


Another milestone by Insight Software Solutions is the ShortKeys Portable—keystrokes for Windows. The portable version is entirely compatible with Windows and can be easily connected and disconnected from the computer. It can be used on a USB drive, flash drive, flash memory, thumb drive, memory stick or portable hard drive.

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Since 1990, Insight Software Solutions has been dedicated to developing high quality, user friendly software products for Microsoft Windows based operating systems.

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