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ShortKeys – Text Automation, Quick and Simple

Kaysville, UT – Insight Software Solutions, Inc. announces an upgrade to its popular text expansion utility, ShortKeys.

Create text shortcuts to play back longer strings of text. Insert the string of text into another application just by typing a short user defined keystroke combination (shortkey).

Eliminate the tediousness of typing the same things over and over. Save thousands of keystrokes per day by not manually typing repetitive text. Say goodbye to typing errors by using the already predefined replacement text. Reduce strain by letting ShortKeys do the typing.

In addition to being a huge time saver, ShortKeys is incredibly easy to use. Simply choose a text string, associate it with the replacement text and save. It is now ready for playback in any Windows application.

ShortKeys is intended for use with any program that allows text input, such as a word processor, text editor, email, online chat and other web sites such as social networks. ShortKeys will work in custom software used by call centers, support specialists, manufacturers, insurers, brokers, doctors, lawyers and others. Type a short string and watch it expand to a word, sentence, paragraph or even pages of text.

Those who do any repetitive typing will immediately recognize the benefits of ShortKeys. Support centers frequently receive the same questions over and over again. Create macros for frequently asked questions to considerably shorten response time and improve productivity.

Drop boilerplate text for any number of professions, such as legal, medical, real estate, or even software development into a shortkey macro. Use ShortKeys for email addresses, URL’s, common expressions, or essentially anything else that you type more than once or twice.

A feature attractive to corporate environments is the ability to load two or more macro files for simultaneous use. Utilize one set of standardized macros developed and maintained by your company or department while allowing individuals to maintain their own customized set of shortkeys.

The Wait for Key Press function pauses the text playback to allow for direct user input. Press the designated key to resume the playback.

Sort the macros into categories for better management. Easily find the shortkey needed by reviewing the listings in the category, rather than the entire file. Or quickly print a cheat sheet of the shortcuts you created.

Assign a shortkey to only work in one specific window or set of windows with the Scope setting.

ShortKeys runs under Windows 7, Vista and XP, costs $29.95(US), and may be ordered securely online from Multi-user and site licenses are available. Download a free, fully functional, 30-day trial version of ShortKeys from the same address.

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