The Benefits of ShortKeys Macro Software for the Housing Industry

There are many professions where macro software can save a significant amount of time and monotonous typing. Macro software is a program that easily allows its users to program sentences, phrases and even large blocks of text into the program and can be repeated with only a couple of keystrokes. One of the industries this type of software benefits is housing services such as realtors, contractors and home inspectors. There are a number of advantages for professionals in these fields to use ShortKeys, a macro software program:

Why Use ShortKeys in the Housing Industry?

ShortKeys for Realtors

Realtors wear many hats in their day to day operations and outside of communicating with clients and showing homes much of their work is administrative. A Macro program can assist with a wide variety of daily tasks including but not limited to:

  • Help with posting info online. There are many listings to post online, as well as advertising for the firm. A shortkeys program can save significant amounts of time with these tasks so realtors can focus more on their clients, who are the true key to growing and expanding any real estate firm’s business and reputation.
  • Email correspondence. Many of the prospects that contact a real estate agent have similar questions about their listings, processes and prices. A macro software program can eliminate monotonous tasks by answering detailed questions with only a couple of keystrokes.

ShortKeys for Contractors - Home Repair – Remodeling Services

Contractors are another type of professional service that is very people-oriented but also involves a lot of administrative duties and paperwork. In fact, many contractors hire an employee for many of these duties but can cut costs by doing the work in their spare time quickly, efficiently and accurately with a Macro Software program like ShortKeys. Inserting standard phrases when preparing quotes and bids and also preparing invoices becomes a process that takes minutes instead of hours. Having fewer employees for easy jobs allows contractors to invest in better vehicles and equipment to grow their business.

ShortKeys for Home Inspectors

Paperwork and reporting is a large component of what a home inspector does, after the home has been assessed. A macro program comes in handy for common phrases used when outlining problems with the home and inserting boilerplate text for standard procedures. This allows the home contractor to visit more homes for inspection and spend less time writing up the reports.

Being efficient with time means that more work can be taken on and the home inspector will thrive in the industry or within the company they represent.

There are many businesses that benefit from Macro Software such as ShortKeys and benefits range from reducing the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome to keeping the job exciting and interesting, and minimizing the repetitive typing and paperwork that slows down businesses and becomes boring and dull for employees. ShortKeys is easy to program and use and can be taken to any computer using the portable version.