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By mistake I installed the portable version to a non-portable drive.

ShortKeys Portable is designed to be installed on a portable drive. A portable drive is any type of drive that can be connected to and disconnected from your computer. These may be referred to as a USB drive, flash drive, flash memory, thumb drive, memory stick or portable hard drive.

If ShortKeys Portable is installed on a non-removable drive, such as your C: drive, it will change the icon assigned to that drive and will cause unexpected results. For example, ShortKeys Portable will not be included in the list of programs that can be uninstalled by Windows and the icon assigned to that drive may be set to the icon intended to be displayed for portable drives.

To remove ShortKeys Portable that was mistakenly installed on a non-portable drive:

  1. Delete the x:\Apps folder along with all files and folders under it.
  2. Delete x:\autorun.inf
  3. Delete x:\autorun-ISS.inf
  4. Delete x:\LaunchApps.exe

Where x: represents the letter of the drive where ShortKeys Portable was installed.