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Icon not displaying in notification area

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The ShortKeys icon does not appear in the Notification Area.

There are several possible solutions to this issue.

  1. First, make sure that the icon is not hidden by Windows. Click on the ^ button in the Notification Area to view the hidden icons. 

  2. It’s possible that the program has been set to a hidden mode.

    There are several hot key combinations available to activate the ShortKeys window. Try pressing Ctrl + Up Arrow, Ctrl + Page Up, Ctrl + Page Down, Alt + Left Arrow or Alt + Right Arrow. The default activation is Ctrl + Up Arrow.

    Click on Options, Preferences, Activation and select the Place in Notification Area option and save.

  3. It is also possible that another program is interfering with ShortKeys on Windows startup and preventing the icon from being placed in the system tray.

    Use one of the hot keys mentioned above to open the program window. Click on Options, Preferences, Startup. The “Run when Windows starts up” option should already be selected. Select the Wait for ___ Seconds option and enter 30 in the field.

    This instructs ShortKeys to wait for 30 seconds at Windows startup before trying to load the icon in the Notification Area. You may need to experiment with this wait time, based on your system.