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How do I remove ShortKeys portable from the portable drive?

To remove ShortKeys Portable from a non-portable drive:

  1. Delete the x:\Apps folder along with all files and folders under it.
  2. Delete x:\autorun.inf*
  3. Delete x:\autorun-ISS.inf
  4. Delete x:\LaunchApps.exe

Where x: represents the letter of the drive where ShortKeys Portable was installed.

* You may or may not want to delete x:\autorun.inf. This file controls which icon is displayed for the portable drive and what actions are taken when the portable drive is attached to the computer. When ShortKeys Portable is installed it will create an autorun.inf file if one did not already exist. If an autorun.inf file already existed when you installed ShortKeys Portable then you may not want to delete this file.