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When opening ShortKeys I receive "The file, _________.shk, does not exist" error. Would you like to create it?

This message or The File “” is Invalid message occurs because ShortKeys cannot locate the macro file that should open when the program loads. This may be because the macro file is located on a network drive and the drive was not ready. Or the .shk macro file has been moved, deleted or corrupted.


From the error window, press the Yes button to create the file. ShortKeys will create a blank macro file in the file location listed in the window. ShortKeys then opens with the new blank file.


If you press No, a second Window opens asking if you would like to select a new file. You have three choices.


  1. Press Yes to either create a new .shk file in a location of your choice or navigate and open an existing .shk file on your computer. If creating a new file, the original The file, _________.shk, does not exist window opens again. Press Yes to create the new file.

  2. Press No to return to the original error window.

  3. Press Cancel to stop the procedure and ShortKeys will close.