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I get a "file access denied" message when trying to add and save a new shortkey.

It sounds like either the shortkeys (.shk) file has been changed to a Read Only status or is saved to a location on your computer where you do not have write access.


To check the Read Only status open File Explorer and navigate to the folder where the macro (.shk) file is located. ShortKeys displays the location of the file in the lower right hand corner of the window. Right click on the .shk file found in File Explorer and left click on Properties from the context menu. If the file is marked as Read Only, remove the flag and save the change.


If the file is not marked as Read Only click on File, Export, Export Shortkeys File. Select all of your existing shortkeys and save them to a new .shk file in a location where you have read/write permissions. Then click on File, Open File, navigate to where you saved the new file and load it in.


Or copy the file to a new location using File Explorer.