How the ShortKeys Shortcut Program is Used in Everyday Workplace Scenarios

A shortcut program can be used by a variety of professions to save the time and hassle of typing repetitive text. Many workplaces are surprised by how much a shortcut program can benefit their office environment, everyone from CEO’s to administrative assistants. The following are examples of how a shortcut program, such as ShortKeys, can assist in a broad spectrum of working environments. These include specific examples of how it can be used to increase productivity and eliminate monotonous typing.

How to Use a Shortcut Program for Specific Workplace Tasks

A macro program is easy to use and by using shortkeys, employees can type their text in a fraction of the time it would to get the job done manually:

Shortkey Examples:

Personal Information

Many employees find that they type the same personal information repeatedly. This can include their own address or more commonly, the address of the business for use in forms, etc. A shortcut program can be programmed so when a user types “iss“ for example the playback would generate the address, Insight Software Solutions, Inc., PO Box 106, Kaysville, UT 84037.


This is very helpful for administrators, customer service representatives, business owners and others that type addresses often. In addition, create shortcuts for other greetings, phrases and text typed repetitively and the time savings soon become significant.

Automatically Fix Typos/Commonly Misspelled Words

When employees type often and fast, they are bound to make spelling errors and typos. Editing for small mistakes can take a large chunk of anyone’s time when it comes to proofreading copy to ensure it is ready to send. A shortcut program makes it easy to avoid embarrassing mistakes when it is programmed to automatically correct common typos and misspelled words such as:

  • teh – the
  • adn – and
  • seperate – separate

A shortcut program is easy to set up and will quickly become second nature. Businesses can cut hours of typing by simply using ShortKeys to type personal information and repetitive phrases, and to autocorrect misspellings, allowing workers to focus on other tasks more targeted for customer relations and overall growth.


In addition to the general uses here are some industry specific examples of how ShortKeys can be used:

Medical Terms and Procedures

  • oprm – The patient taken to the operating room after consent was …
  • cts – carpal tunnel syndrome

Teacher Grading – Email Correspondence

  • tdk -Thank you for your participation in the discussions this past
  • ics – Incomplete sentence.

Customer Service and Support

  • pz – The first step in resolving this issue is to …
  • css – If you have any further questions please contact us at …

Overall, users can create shortkey abbreviations for almost any repetitive text. Employees from a wide range of industries use this type of software to save time, reduce mistakes and to increase productivity. ShortKeys is a shortcut program that is invaluable to anyone that wants to receive these benefits and more.