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"I want to express how much I appreciate ShortKeys and what a time saver this program is. I have used ShortKeys for some time now and prior to learning of your program, I spent hours typing and retyping the same information on a daily basis. The benefit is phenomenal. I can type in the shortkey prefix and instantly have my prepared response appear. Then, within seconds I have customized the general comment to meet a current student’s question or forum response. Grading forums has also become much quicker as well. Thank you for your support and time saving program. If you doubled the software program price, it would still be worth purchasing."
C. Brandt Smith, Jr., Ph.D.

ShortKeys is by far my most valuable piece of (low cost) software – I use it at least 30 times a day and have for over 8 years now.

What auto text do I use every day? For inserting weblinks to my many blog posts, websites and research papers; For Vanilla/Standard Emails, LinkedIn InMails and blog posts; For links to my many different types and lengths of meetings (stored on Calendly); and for my various ‘personalised’ sign offs to emails and LinkedIn messages.

I have recently bought Version 4, so I’ll be doing so much more around images, hyperlinks plus all the new Keys it can now play back.

It’s hard to exaggerate its impact on my productivity! And on top of that, their client support is prompt and thorough – I highly recommend Insight Software.

Toby Marshall, Sydney, Australia

Founder of

“A colleague introduced Shortkeys to me 10 years ago and it is one of the best productivity tools ever! We used it through our entire organization to send canned, personal responses to emails and ensure everyone uses consistent messaging and language. When you have email or chat intensive positions, it can easily save 2 – 3 hours per day per worker. If your customer support workers make $15 per hour, Shortkeys has paid for itself in the first hour. After that, it’s saving you hundreds of dollars per week per worker. Now that I’ve started a new business in real estate, I use it every day and require my virtual assistants to use it too. For productivity junkies like me, it’s essential. I wish I could install it on my phone & tablet.”

Dave Zirnhelt

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“If you … sell on the Internet, or on eBay, or just regularly type the same phrases; ShortKeys can save you so much time.”

Malcolm Perkins, UK