Symbols, International and Unicode Characters

Use ShortKeys to easily insert international and Unicode characters or symbols into documents and other applications.

Symbols and International Characters

If you find that you need to type German characters but do not use a German keyboard layout, create a shortkey to play back the ß character.

Or if you frequently type the copyright © symbol, just create a shortkey. It’s much simpler than looking it up in a table and inserting the text. Do it once in ShortKeys and it is available any time it’s needed.

In the Modify Keys window, click on Symbols from the Commands list to choose from various symbols and international characters. Select the one you want and save.

Unicode Characters

Use the Alt-Key Sequence option to play back Unicode characters. Enter the sequence for the Unicode character that you want and save.

Or just copy and paste the symbols or characters from another source into ShortKeys and save. ShortKeys will play them back when needed.


Save time by not having to locate the characters or symbols and insert them into your application. A couple of keystrokes will do it with ShortKeys.