Reduce Pain

Pain in the wrists, forearms and hands are common complaints of professionals that use the computer every day. Repetitive strain injury is not uncommon and can lead to more debilitating health problems.


Proper seat height, posture, wrist positioning and typing technique are all essential to preventing pain and injury of the wrists, hands and forearms. Another important aspect in this pain prevention battle is to type less. This is where ShortKeys will help.


Frequently you will find yourself typing the same words, phrases or text over and over again. If you do, Stop! There is a better way!

Let ShortKeys do much of your typing

Save all of those repetitive words, phrases or blocks of text into shortcuts (shortkey macros). Now instead of typing that same block of text repeatedly, type a couple of letters and watch ShortKeys blast the text into your document or application.

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"I have been using your program for about one year. It has helped me to recover from severe neck and shoulder pain caused by keyboard and mouse repetitive motion. My job has a lot of repetitive keystrokes. It literally cut hundreds of keystrokes and mouse movements out of my work day. My neck and shoulder pain has slowly gotten better and better and I would say it's now 90 percent well. Oh and the additional bonus, I am able to do more work because macros are quicker than me entering keystrokes."

Bottom Line

For many, these injuries are preventable and the ShortKeys text replacement tool helps by reducing the amount of typing that needs to be performed daily to get the job done. It will also reduce time needed from work to rest injuries.


The program is extremely easy to use and set up. It will save you time as well as pain.