Customer Service and Support

If you provide any type of customer service or support via the computer, then you know how many times you can type the same thing throughout the day. It can easily become repetitive and monotonous, and shall we say boring.

ShortKeys provides relief from the tedium and contributes to overall productivity.

  • Now instead of typing The first step in resolving this issue is to … for the tenth time today, just set it up in a shortkey such as pz. Type pz and the response is instantly generated for the customer – accurately and so much faster than could be typed.

  • Or set up css as a shortkey to insert If you have any further questions please contact us at … into your correspondence. Now, just type css and watch the text play back. Your fingers, hands and wrists will thank you.

  • Anything that you type repetitively can easily be set up as a shortkey. Why type paragraphs when typing 2 or 3 characters will do?

"Great Product. I work in a helpdesk. I primarily use it for repetitive typing in our ticketing system. Saves time and gets me onto the next call quickly. Call handling time dropped by 1 min on average one week after I started using it."

Customer Service Benefits

  1. You will notice an immediate productivity boost. Quicker response times and better customer service.
  2. Experience significantly less typing fatigue.
  3. Dramatically reduce typos and mistakes.