ShortKeys can save you so much time

My main income is split between writing speeches and selling classic car spares on eBay. I reply to a lot of e-mails daily, many using the same phrases and it is for this reason I absolutely love and highly recommend ShortKeys.


If you too sell on the Internet, or on eBay, or just regularly type the same phrases; ShortKeys can save you so much time. All you have to do is set it up once and from then on you just type the ShortKey you have set up for that phrase and it is then typed onto your document or e-mail as if by magic.


For example //2 gives me:

[I will gladly combine postage for customers. If you are bidding for more than one item, please don’t pay for anything but send me an e-mail when you have finished bidding and I will send you a combined invoice.]

That whole phrase appeared just by typing //2. It is a phrase I use perhaps 50 times a week.


You can easily add or delete ShortKeys you have set up and if I can use it anybody can. I guarantee if you regularly type the same phrase, the small fee for buying the download will be the best money you have ever spent.

Malcolm Perkins

(Typed using //s)