The Benefits of ShortKeys Text Expansion Software for Call Centers and Customer Support Reps


Call center employees and customer support representatives have to communicate with a large number of people every day and these roles call for a lot of information that needs to be conveyed, which is typically repeated throughout the course of the day. Text expansion software is a program that allows employees to simply type in a couple of characters and a word or phrase or blocks/paragraphs of pre-set text will appear instantly. There are many benefits to both the companies and individual employees that use text expansion software. Some of these advantages include:

Saves Time

The most well known benefit of this type of software program is that it saves a lot of time for call center and customer support employees and this allows teams to be more productive, fitting more into every workday. An increase in productivity saves companies the costs of needing more employees to guarantee that their quotas are met and their customers are being taken care of by customer support reps.


A text expansion program is easy to set up and use. Once the blocks of text have been programmed the employees will be able to learn how to use the software and adjust to the program very quickly. It’s a fast learning curve that is worth the time when compared to the long-term benefits of having employees that know how to use the software and do so on a regular basis.

Prevents Injuries

It’s surprisingly common for call center agents and customer support representatives to develop injuries that are the result of performing the same tasks on the computer every day. Conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome affect many workers throughout the year and these injuries can become so painful that employees need to take time off work to recover.


Text expansion software minimizes these risks which save companies costs that are the result of employees taking sick days and benefits the employee by maintaining happy and healthy team members throughout the year.

Decreases Boredom

When employees are doing the same mundane tasks all day it is no surprise that they become bored, unmotivated and unhappy in their roles. Text expansion programs decrease the amount of time that employees need to spend on repetitive tasks so that they can focus on new initiatives to help with growing and improving the company that they work for. Retaining employees and keeping them happy is a priority for any employer as this saves costs and the time and resources that it takes to hire and train new team members. Having a low turnaround rate is great for building the company’s reputation and attracting highly qualified employees to work for the company.


Text expansion software is rising in popularity as many employers and their teams are discovering benefits to using this program. Every business with repetitive tasks should look into ShortKeys software to achieve the time and cost savings advantages that other companies are already receiving.