The Benefits of ShortKeys Shortcut Key Software for Teachers


Teachers have tough jobs and the classroom is only the tip of the iceberg. Most of the work that a teacher has to complete is after school hours, at their own home and this includes making lesson plans and grading. Shortcut key software is a type of program that has been rising in popularity for teachers that want to focus more on their students and less on the data entry and repetitive, monotonous tasks of being a teacher. With shortcut key software there are many beneficial functions that can assist teachers with finishing their after school work more quickly, and will reduce the repetitive and boring tasks that take them away from what they love to do best; teach.


ShortKeys is a text replacement utility used to insert blocks of text into other applications by simply typing a few user defined keystrokes. This is simple to set up and using the program becomes easy with only a few uses. Anytime a user defined keystroke combination is typed, it is substituted with the replacement text. People that use this program can save time by automating tedious and repetitive typing while typing faster and reducing errors. After the program has been set up all the user has to do is type a few characters and the program replaces them with words, phrases or paragraphs of text.

The Benefits of Shortcut Key Software for Teachers

End of Semester Grading

At the end of the semester the teacher wants to finish marking papers and have a break just as much as the students. After a semester of hard work a shortcut key program allows the teacher to create shortkeys for any of the repetitive comments used with student grades. They can save significant amounts of time by typing a few letters and popping in the comment. This can include instructions for edits, positive reinforcement or reminders to cite sources for work. When the program is set up and being used routinely a teacher can save hours off his or her normal workload, freeing time for leisure, more thorough grading or preparing ahead for the next semester.

Grading Essays and Papers

Grading papers at any time of the year can be become repetitive and tiring for a teacher. As much as they want to grade their student’s essays and papers carefully the repetition can be tiring and break the teacher’s focus. A shortcut key program allows the teacher to focus on their student by inserting common instructions and comments by simply typing a couple of letters. This reduces the fatigue that so many teachers suffer from emotionally and also has the added physical benefit of preventing or reducing the occurrence of carpel tunnel syndrome.

Teachers should always try to make their jobs easier whenever they see an opportunity so that they have more time for themselves and their students. A shortcut key software program is ideal for any teacher that wants to spare themselves the chore of repetitive and time consuming typing.