ShortKeys - A Quick and Easy Macro Typing Software


How would you like a short and simple replacement for typing long, boring sentences over and over? Sounds interesting, right? If you want to avoid monotonous and tedious typing, ShortKeys Text Replacement is your savior! While any other macro software typically requires a significant learning curve, using ShortKeys is easy, and it can be up and running in a minute.


ShortKeys is a macro software for Windows, introduced by Insight Software Solutions, that enables you to associate sentences or paragraphs for any given number of user defined key strokes. Macro software is a program that plays back pre-recorded keystrokes and automates keyboard activity. This allows the user to replace repetitive text such as words, long sentences, or paragraphs with a text string of up to 32 characters.


ShortKeys has more than just a few great uses for anyone who does any type of repetitive typing. It is exceptionally quick to install and easy to use – you’ll take no time in becoming a pro at it. ShortKeys helps you type faster, eliminates error and saves valuable time by eradicating the need of manually typing long text.

How to Get Started?

  • Download the macro software for Windows from
  • Save the downloaded file on your hard drive.
  • Trace the file and double click on the .exe file to begin installation.
  • Follow the simple on screen instruction’s guide to proceed and complete installation.

Use the setup wizard for a quick startup of essential settings. If you get stuck anywhere during the installation process, the website has some great tutorial videos to walk you through the setup and even elaborate on the Prefix and Suffix activation method.

System Requirements

  • Pentium or corresponding processor or higher 
  • Windows 7 or later
  • 25 MB hard disk space

How ShortKeys Works?

  • Select any number of characters for shortkey activation
  • Insert replacement text to play back – a word, long sentence, paragraph or even pages – replacement text can be up to 65,536 characters.
  • Type the shortkey and watch it being swapped by replacement text.

Yes! It’s that simple!


If you have abbreviations from .txt, .csv files or autocorrect files on your system, you can integrate them with ShortKeys to use in all applications.

Figure 1: When you open the main window of ShortKeys, it will show the currently active list of shortkeys, part of the replacement text and suffixes added (if any).

Pref Playback General

Figure 2: Extensive Preferences enable you to customize and control ShortKeys as per your requirement.

You can also copy text from other sources and paste into ShortKeys.

Rich Text

Figure 3: With Modify Keys, you can add or edit existing shortkeys and place back in either plain or formatted text by modifying colors, font, size, etc.

Benefits of Using ShortKeys Macro Software for Windows

  • Great time saver. Using ShortKeys enables the user to save time by eliminating the need to enter repetitive text.
  • Allows consistency in complex tasks through automation which helps to avoid typos and increase accuracy of work.
  • Enables users with limited computer skills to perform complicated tasks.
  • Decreases boredom by reducing or eliminating mundane tasks.
  • Reduce chances of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or pain in wrists and hand by reducing the amount of typing needed.
  • Efficiency of certain software determined by the number of keystrokes it requires to perform a task – fewer keystrokes indicate an efficient program.

Where Can ShortKeys Be Used?

  • It can be used to insert personal information such as name, address, phone, and fax or email address into documents, email, etc.
  • If you work at a Customer Support Centre and need to answer similar queries on daily basis, just use ShortKeys to replace the repetitive answers with simple keystrokes. You save time and increase productivity.
  • For businesses, ShortKeys can be used to create boilerplate text. A few keystrokes will eliminate the need for entering standard phrases, terminology and other recurring text.
  • For instructors, it will simply online grading and adding notes and comments.
  • In sales, prices, service quotes and order forms can be entered in with just a few keystrokes.
  • This macro software for Windows will auto-correct commonly misspelled words and increase efficiency and productivity of employees.

If you have any questions, doubts or need any kind of technical support with ShortKeys, the extensive technical support will help you solve all your problems.