How the ShortKeys Macro Program for Windows can Increase Productivity and Decrease Workplace Monotony


It’s natural for people to not know when they have a good thing until it’s gone. A macro program for Windows is the perfect example as employees that use this software to decrease their keystrokes and increase their productivity, notice a difference as soon as they have to go back to using a normal computer. There are a number of benefits to using a macro program for Windows that relates to getting used to the program and needing it to avoid the monotonous and repetitive typing tasks in many professional industries from customer service to reporting.

“This is an almost indispensable tool for anyone spending hours at a computer keyboard. I will not be without it if I can help it. This is one of the first things I miss when I have to work on someone else’s machine.” –Jerry H.

It Becomes Second Nature

Programming a macro program is easy to do and once it has been set up, getting used to it takes no time at all. In fact, users of this program become so comfortable with it that they are always trying to type their shortcut text on other people’s computers when they do not have their macro program with them. Employees that use a macro program get into a zone where they can type extremely fast using this type of program and become so comfortable with a shortkeys program that they find typing painfully slow and frustrating without it.

“ShortKeys is great! It is the first thing I realize I am missing when not on my primary computer…I can’t work without it.” –Eric M

It Saves a Lot of Typing

One of the reasons that a macro program is so popular for employees and why they enjoy using it so much is because it saves a lot of keystrokes, and therefore time. When an employee is away from the macro program they instantly notice how much more typing they have to do and it will seem tedious, boring and takes so much longer than with the program. People depend on the ShortKeys program to make their job easier and to prevent them from getting carpal tunnel syndrome and other office related overuse injuries. So when they do not have their program they feel the discomfort in both mind and body.

It Increases Time for Other Activities

Employees that work in customer service or data entry really notice the difference in their time distribution when they do not have a macro program for Windows. They find they have no time for anything other than typing. The macro program can save employees from typing text a couple of words in length to paragraphs or longer. For staff members that repeat a lot of information to customers, the lack of this program, after having used it, is noticed right away. Employees want a ShortKeys program to increase their time and productivity and to decrease boredom and physical discomfort.