The Benefits of a Macro Program for Windows from Insight Software Solutions, Inc.


A macro program for Windows such as ShortKeys is a text replacement tool that is used to insert blocks of text into other applications. This is as simple as typing a few user defined keystrokes and anytime a combination is typed, it is substituted with the replacement text.


This is beneficial for personal and professional usage where the same text is being repeated. This eliminates wasted time, reduces tension and pain in the wrists and hands and virtually eliminates the risk of error that can occur when performing repetitive tasks. These advantages can save professionals time, hassle and the monotony of repetitive tasks. Why Use a Macro Program for Windows?

1. Save Time

For many professionals, their computer tasks are extremely repetitive. This is especially relevant in customer service and data entry positions where much of the same information is repeated throughout the day. With a macro program, employees do not have to type the same response over and again throughout the day, and this level of time savings can open their schedule to more tasks that will increase productivity.

Another industry where information is repeated often is in sales. Sales professionals can pitch their product or service more quickly with a macro program. This will result in touching base with more leads and the possibility of making more sales through a higher number of contacts per day.

2. Reduce Injury

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and general pain in the wrists and hands are common complaints of professionals that use the computer every day. For many employees these injuries are preventable with a macro program because it reduces the amount of typing that needs to be performed daily to get the job done. This will also reduce time that team members need to take off the job to rest their injuries.

When employees do not have to perform mundane tasks, and are not injured or in pain, they are happier overall and this reduces turnover and creates a more positive working environment for the entire organization.

3. Prevent Error

When professionals have to repeat the same text throughout the day it is understandable that eventually the worker will fatigue both physically and mentally and will begin to make mistakes. Despite this being human nature it can be quite detrimental to businesses that rely on accuracy for record keeping or communicating with clients. A macro program enables customers with the ability to keep their typing accurate so that they can be alert for quality control and preventing errors, rather than just getting through their typing duties.

This is especially important in law offices, medical facilities and financial institutions where these types of mistakes can cost significant amounts of hassle.


A macro program for Windows assists professionals by providing blocks of text or paragraphs that are often repeated, to save time and offer convenience, while reducing injury and preventing costly errors. Insight Software Solutions offers a variety of programs for individuals and professionals.