List of Professions who Benefit from the ShortKeys Macro Program for Windows


A macro program for Windows is software that replaces a few letters or characters with words, phrases or large blocks of text to reduce the time it takes to type repetitive text. A macro program for Windows has many benefits such as freeing up time to focus on more important tasks, reducing the chance of carpal tunnel syndrome and related desk-job conditions and relieving boredom by eliminating monotonous tasks. There are many industries that benefit from this software from customer service to the medical industry.

Professions that Benefit from the ShortKeys Macro Program:

1. Medical

The medical profession has many tasks to ensure the success of the practice and accurate record keeping is an essential component of any doctor, nurse or administrator’s role. Many medical professionals have multiple duties within their roles that are time consuming and a macro program lifts the burden of repetitive and monotonous patient logging and reporting. This frees up time to focus on patients, prepare medical supplies and to still have free time at the end of the day for friends and family.

2. Customer Support/Call Centers

The customer service sector tends to repeat information on a daily basis. This could be in the form of sales or customer support. A macro program can be configured to type common answers to questions or parts of a sales script that are routinely repeated. This has the potential to increase business by saving the customer support representative the time that it takes to type, and instead focus on reaching out to more customers whether it is to rectify a situation and prevent losing revenue or to bring new customers in.

3. Real Estate

A repetitive task that many real estate agents face is marketing properties and listing new homes and lots into online databases. A real estate agent has a number of jobs to perform on a daily basis and can reduce the time it takes to list and market properties by programming the basic information into the Macro software program. This allows real estate agents to be more people-focused and to reach out to more clients, research more properties and to show more homes to their clientele.

4. Teachers

Teachers can greatly reduce their online grading time with the ShortKeys Macro Program to spend less time typing and putting more effort into lesson planning, helping students succeed and meeting with parents and colleagues to ensure that education is at a high standard. Teachers are also at the desk often so this software can also reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome to remain pain-free and working in the best interests of the children that will be the future of tomorrow.

5. Home Inspectors

Home inspectors can use this software for inspection reports and this is very helpful when the home inspector has been on the road all day driving from home to home and is tired and in need of rest at the end of day.

The above is just an example of the many industries that can benefit from using ShortKeys. Many professionals report more energy, less pain and more free time when they use a Macro Program for Windows.