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ShortKeys Lite

Is Free!

ShortKeys Lite is a free gift to you from Insight Software Solutions, Inc. ShortKeys Lite is a reduced version of ShortKeys 2 and is absolutely free for personal use †. ShortKeys Lite is still copyrighted and may not be sold for profit by anyone without our consent.

Download ShortKeys Lite

  ShortKeys Lite v 2.3b   EXE Format   (3,279 KB)
  ShortKeys Lite v 2.3b   ZIP Format   (3,260 KB)

Differences between ShortKeys 3 and ShortKeys Lite

  ShortKeys Lite     ShortKeys 3  
No Network Support ShortKeys can be set up to run over a network. Store either the program files or the shortkey macro files on a server for use by all users connected to the server. (Requires a license for each user.)
Single File Usage Multiple files of shortkeys can be loaded at the same time. Maintain different sets of macros for use with specific applications.
Maximum of 15 ShortKeys Virtually unlimited number of shortkeys.
3000 characters per shortkey macro 65,536 characters per shortkey macro.
No Spell Checker Spell Checker. American and British English dictionaries are included.
No command line parameters Command line parameters allow you to create shortcuts that enable specific ShortKeys options.
Runs on Windows XP, 2000, NT. Runs on Windows 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP or 2000. System requirements.
Limited support Product support via our many support options.
Free Try ShortKeys free for 30 days. Use beyond 30 days requires that you purchase a license for $24.95.

† You may only download and use a free non-trial version of the Software if you are (i) an individual (and then only for your personal home use) or (ii) a not-for-profit charitable entity as set forth in U.S.C., Title 26, Section 501(c)(3) (excluding government entities and educational institutions).

‡ ShortKeys Lite contains advertisements for other products sold by Insight Software Solutions, Inc. ShortKeys Lite does not contain Adbots. ShortKeys Lite does not collect keystrokes, personal information, or any other sensitive information. Advertisements are completely removed when ShortKeys Lite is uninstalled.