How Insight Software Solutions Uses their Own Program for Keystrokes for Windows

When it comes to many software programs customers want to know if the company that designed the program uses it themselves in their own day-to-day operations. A program that makes keystrokes for Windows easy to use and provides many benefits to operations that have to repeat the same text multiple times throughout the day is an advantage to everyone, even the program designers, customer support team and sales representatives.

Here are some of the ways that Insight Software Solutions uses their program for keystrokes for Windows and how this can inspire other businesses and individuals to discover new ways to use this program to save time, increase productivity and to break the monotony of repetitive typing, resulting in happier employees and a thriving business.

How Does Insight Software Solutions Use their ShortKeys Text Replacement Software?

1. To Answer many Questions asking Essentially the same thing.

Rather than type the same response each time, anyone from sales to management can type a several character shortcut to type out the full response. If an employee doesn’t have a shortkey already created for a question, after composing a well-crafted response, it’s simple to copy the response to the clipboard, paste into ShortKeys, assign a shortcut and save. It’s now ready for use the next time a similar question arrives.

2. They use it to Autocorrect Typos made in Applications outside of the Office suite.

This function saves a lot of time and reduces errors, which will make any business look more professional and organized.

3. Used for Repetitive HTML Coding

Any company can use shortkey shortcuts to plow through repetitive coding, which breaks the monotony of the task and helps designers to focus more on the creative aspects of their job rather than mechanical coding that can be extremely boring and tiring. Similar to HTML coding, ShortKeys comes in handy when developing software products or updates. Quite a number of shortkeys have been created to play back the repetitive text.

4. They use it for Preparing Sales Quotes

Sales quotes are very similar between clients and customers and outside of customization many of the sales quotes components are alike. A program that creates replacement text can assist any company with getting more quotes out to more prospective customers, filling the sales funnel faster and freeing up time and energy to discuss services and products with interested customers.

5. Beneficial in Writing Help Documentation

Any program that makes writing faster and easier leaves more time for communication between customers and employees that assist with the growth of the company. Whether it is writing help documentation, email titles, taglines, etc. this program increases productivity and decreases monotonous typing that leads to boredom and job dissatisfaction.

Overall, keystrokes for Windows programs like ShortKeys save a lot of time. It’s used by everyone from real estate agents, doctors, customer service representatives and even the program designers themselves. It’s easy to use and anyone can experience the same benefits. Download now from and try it.