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Save Time!

Automate repetitive typing
Anything that you type repeatedly can be saved to a shortkey. Instead of typing the same boring thing for the umpteenth time, type a couple of letters and let ShortKeys do it for you. Eliminate typos and the time it takes to fix them.

Help Desk/Customer Support
If you receive a number of email messages, each requiring a similar response (customer support, general inquiries, price quotes, etc.), don't retype the same response over and over again. Create a shortkey.
"I work in a helpdesk. I primarily use it for repetitive typing in our ticketing system. Saves time and gets me onto the next call quickly. Call handling time dropped by 1 min on average one week after I started using it."
-- Name Held upon Request
Cut down the transcription time. Use ShortKeys for common legal or medical phrases, insertion of long medical terms or names and much more. Why type a medication name that is 30 characters long, when you can do it with 2 or 3?
"I hope you're selling this to the transcribing industry. We're the people who use it most -- court, legal and medical transcriptionists. This program is amazing."
-- Luceil A. M.
Visit our Uses page for more ideas on how to save time with ShortKeys.
"ShortKeys has been an indispensable tool for me. I do a lot of repetitive typing and this tool has cut my workload by 75%. Thanks!"
--Richard M.

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