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Revision History
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    Major Enhancements
  1. Multiple files open at the same time
    Now, more than one macro (.shk) file may be open at the same time. For corporate users, one set of corporate macros may be open and users may also have a customized set of shortkeys open as well. Both may be used without having to open and close files.
  2. Categories to sort shortkeys
    Sort the shortkeys into categories to easily find the macros.
  3. Larger size limit per shortkey
    Each shortkey can now contain 65,536 characters. The limit in previous was 3000 characters.
  4. Wait for Key Press
    The Wait for Keypress function causes the shortkey to pause during playback to allow for user input. Press the key assigned to resume the macro.
  5. Shortkey Delay Feature
    Insert delays in the shortkey playback to allow for Windows timing issues or to delay for user input.
  6. Scope setting
    Optionally assign the shortkeys to play back in a specific window or windows, rather than defaulting to play back in all programs.
  7. Automatic Backups
    Options are available to automatically back up the shortkey macro (.shk) file. A convenient way to keep the data safe.
  8. Shortkey Notes
    Insert notes about specific shortkeys to provide any additional details required. The notes are displayed in the ShortKeys window with the other shortkey information.
  9. Modified Date Information
    A column in the ShortKeys window displays the last date modified for each shortkey in the file.

  10. Enhancements
  11. Modified to work better with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  12. Added the RUNQUIET advanced installation option.
  13. The system tray icon is now restored if Windows Explorer restarts.
  14. Added command line parameters option in the preferences.
  15. Double clicking in a blank area of the shortkey list will display the "New ShortKey" dialog.
  16. Added a warning message that comes up when the Reset Page button is clicked in the preferences.
  17. If the filepath is changed in the preferences for one of the include/exclude dictionary files the program now asks if any existing files should be copied to the new filepath.
  18. The first time the program starts, if a dictionary include/exclude file exists from ShortKeys 2 the program now offers to copy the files for use with ShortKeys 3.
  19. Added an error message to the "Export" dialog when the user attempts to export to a file already opened in ShortKeys.

  20. Bugs Fixed
  21. Fixed a bug where the program could be opened multiple times.

  22. Crashes Fixed
  23. Fixed a crash that occurred when closing a file.
  24. Fixed a crash that would occur in the date/time command when processing an invalid date or time format.
Release notes for previous versions
    version 2.3b
    version 2.3a
    version 2.3
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    version 2.1e
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    version 2.0f
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