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Revision History

Version 2.3

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Version 2.3
  1. Updated the program icon.
  2. The Text Type Delay is now set to 300 microseconds by default.
  3. The warning message that says the shortkeys file is locked because it is in use by another user has been changed and updated to allow the user to unlock the shortkeys file.
  4. Fixed a bug where the file association dialog was always being displayed for non-administrator users.
  5. Fixed a bug where you could never disable the file association dialog.
  6. The shortkeys information is now displayed in bold for Windows Vista.
  7. The Restore File Associations menu option is now displayed for Windows XP and prior and is not displayed for Windows Vista.
  8. The 'Do not show this the next time ShortKeys runs' option in the Quick Start Guide now works correctly.

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