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Revision History

Version 2.0f

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Version 2.0f

  1. Added a link to the Bug Reporter from within the Options menu.
  2. Updated the ISS Bug Reporter with a new user interface, new ways of reporting bugs, a help file, and the ability to set preferences before a crash.
  3. Added a hotkey option that can enable/disable ShortKeys.
  4. Added the ability to set the main window to always stay on top.
  5. Increased the speed at which the program configuration can be imported.
  6. Added ability to install defprefs.wcfg file at the same time the program is installed.

  7. Crashes Fixed
  8. Fixed a crash that occurred when a user attempted to print the ShortKey list.
  9. Fixed a crash that could occur when the user is importing a text file.

  10. Other Bugs Fixed
  11. Fixed a bug where if a shortkey used the clipboard to play back, it might not paste anything into the target application.
  12. Fixed a bug where if a user imported a text file as a shortkey that was larger than the 3000 character limit, the program could get confused.
  13. Fixed a bug where the program did not always paste the correct text when using the clipboard option.
  14. If any portion of the Quick Start Guide is not installed, then the option to display the Quick Start Guide in the menu system is removed.
  15. Fixed a bug where the Import button would be enabled, even if there where no shortkeys selected to be imported.
  16. Changed the accelerator key on the "All Users Use Same Settings" option.
  17. Corrected an issue where some of the menu items would be enabled even if there was no item selected.
  18. Fixed a bug where the toolbar buttons in the editor were not persistent.
  19. The "Undo" option in the editor's menubar is now disabled appropriately.
  20. Fixed a bug where garbage characters were being entered into the replacement text.
  21. Made a modification to the program to more reliably remove all of the keystrokes typed prior to playing back a shortkey.

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Revision history for current version
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