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Revision History

Version 2.0d

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Version 2.0d

  1. Fixed a crash that occurred after importing a settings files where the ShortKey file listed does not exist on the user's computer.
  2. Added error-checking to the Import/Export Configuration utilities.
  3. When performing a search in the Replacement Text, the text now appears selected when a match is found.
  4. The Cut and Copy buttons now enable and disable properly when selecting text with the keyboard.
  5. Modified the network mode so that it works more reliably.
  6. Fixed a bug where the suffixes weren't being expanded.

Revision history for previous versions
    version 2.0c
    version 2.0b
    version 2.0a
    version 2.0
    version 1.7
    version 1.6x
    version 1.5x

Revision history for current version
    Current version