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Revision History

Version 2.0c

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Version 2.0c

  1. Fixed a bug where, when the user clicked on the "Add" button in the spell checker suggestions, the spell checker would not advance to the next word.
  2. Added an activation option that allows the user to only activate the program from the system tray icon.
  3. Fixed a bug where the user could not use the ALT key to type extended characters while ShortKeys was running.
  4. Improved international keyboard support.
  5. Added a note concerning the "Do Not Hide" option in the Activation Preferences.
  6. Fixed a bug in the Spell Check Suggestions dialog. If the user attempted to add a word to the spell-checker, the wrong word was being added.
  7. Made the hint mode more reliable.
  8. Fixed an issue where sometimes, when using the "Match First Char" option, the first character of the replacement text would be uppercased incorrectly.
  9. Several error messages have been clarified or eliminated for non-administrator users.
  10. Made a modification to make the showing of ShortKeys more reliable.
  11. Added the ability to change the style of the menu system.
  12. Fixed a crash that occurred when no replacement text was entered and the case sensitivity was set to "Match First Letter..."
  13. Fixed a bug where the program would occasionally enter too many backspaces before playing a shortkey.
  14. Updated the installer with new silent install options, small dialogs and Custom Install option.
  15. Changed the "Script Font" label in Preferences | Appearance to "Replacement Text Font".
  16. Added the "Undo" button to the toolbar in the editor.
  17. Changed the default directory for the data file to "My Documents\Insight Software".
  18. Added a vertical scrollbar to the editor window.
  19. Added accelerator of L to Help | License Information

Revision history for previous versions
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Revision history for current version
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