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Revision History

Version 2.0b

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Version 2.0b

  1. Fixed an access violation that occasionally occurred when starting up the program.
  2. Added "Prompt for Action" dialog when importing shortkeys from a text or ASCII file.
  3. The "Export Program Configuration" option now exports the status of the Quick Start Guide.
  4. The full path to the shortkey file is now displayed in the status bar.
  5. The "Import/Export Program Settings" menu options have been renamed to "Import/Export Program Configuration".
  6. Implemented the Browse and Browse All modes.
  7. Fixed a bug where the keyboard delay field was not disabled when any other delay setting was selected in the Preferences window.
  8. Added the "/SHOW" commandline parameter to show the editor when the program starts up.
  9. Added the "/HIDE" commandline parameter to hide the editor when the program starts up.
  10. Added the "/IC" commandline parameter to import an external program configuration file.
  11. Fixed a bug in the "Replace Word" dialog where the "<-ive" option would not disable properly and it inserted the text into the wrong field.
  12. Fixed a bug in the "ShortKeys Settings" dialog where the "Don't Lowercase First Letter" option would not be disabled properly.
  13. Added the ability to import/export ShortKeys to a standard ShortKey file.
  14. Added an option to not lowercase the first letter of the replacement text when using the "Match First Char" option.
  15. Fixed an issue where sometimes, when using the "Match First Char" option, the first character of the replacement text would be uppercased incorrectly.
  16. Increased the amount of replacement text displayed in the ShortKey Explorer.
  17. Fixed support for international keystrokes being used as activation triggers.
  18. When creating a new ShortKey, focus goes to the "Original ShortKey" field. When modifying an existing key, focus goes to the "Replacement Text" field.
  19. Added the "<-ive" to the "v" suffix replacement.
  20. Fixed a bug where the preformatted Date/Time commands did not always play back the correct information.
  21. Fixed a bug that added an extra carriage return in the Subject field of an Outlook email message.
  22. Added options to change the font styles of the explorer and text editor.

Revision history for previous versions
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Revision history for current version
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