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Revision History

Version 2.0a

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Version 2.0a

  1. Fixed a bug where the checkbox in the Quick Start Guide now reflects the user's settings appropriately.
  2. Made a change to the Date/Time command where adjusting the hours forward or backward will also adjust the date, as necessary.
  3. Fixed an inconsistency in the startup shortcut name. The name is now "ShortKeys 2.lnk". However, if the original "ShortKeys.lnk" exists, ShortKeys will still indicate that the program is set to run at Windows' startup.
  4. Fixed a bug where the hint window, when visible, could cause the shortkey buffer to be erased.

Revision history for previous versions
    version 2.0
    version 1.7
    version 1.6x
    version 1.5x

Revision history for current version
    Current version