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Revision History

Version 2.0

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Version 2.0

We have made some significant enhancements to the program. The most noticeable is the new look and feel to the program. Some of the other enhancements are listed below.

  1. An option to suspend the program through the system tray icon.
  2. Include TAB, Enter or any of the Arrow keys to the playback of a shortkey.
  3. A new Date and Time stamp option.
  4. Increased the number of valid punctuation characters that can be used to trigger a suffix type shortkey.
  5. A new suffix option allows you to insert common endings to words, such as -ing, -ed, etc.
  6. Export and import program configuration settings for quick startup after a reinstall or for consistent configuration for many computers.
  7. Additional support for Silent Installs over a network.
  8. Added the ability to playback Alt-Key sequences.
  9. Increased the length of the shortkey activation from 10 characters to 32 characters.
  10. Shortkeys can be used within the ShortKeys program.
  11. Added additional keys to the Miscellaneous Keys dropdown.

Revision history for previous versions
    version 1.7
    version 1.6x
    version 1.5x

Revision history for current version
    Current version