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Revision History

Version 1.7x

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Version 1.7
  • Added the quote mark (') to the list of suffix punctuation characters that can trigger the ShortKey.
  • Added the ability to printout a ShortKey list. The list will print at most 50 characters of the replacement text and any CR/LF will be changed to spaces. Printer font may be specified.
  • Added a "Close Button Minimizes or Hides" menu item under "Options". With this option selected, the following scenarios occur: 1. If the program has an icon in the system tray (it hides when not in use), then clicking on the "X" in the top right corner of the Window will rehide the program and not terminate it. 2. If the program does not have an icon in the system tray, then clicking on the "X" will minimize the program.
  • Enhanced the importing options of both the "Import ASCII Delimited File" and "Import Text File". You can now choose from 3 different options for shortkeys that are imported as duplicates. The options are: 1. You can choose to have them imported (as before) and they will show up as duplicates. 2. You can choose to have the newly imported shortkey overwrite the existing shortkey. Only the replacement text will be changed. 3. You can be prompted for each duplicate shortkey where you can choose to have the replacement text overwritten or not.
  • Importing lists of shortkeys that were already alphabetized would end up storing them in the program in the very least efficient way possible. In fact, if the import was for a few thousand or more entries, it could crash the program. Importing via the "ASCII Delimited File" and via "Text File" options will now store imported entries in a very efficient manner preventing crashes and significantly optimizing the speed at which it takes ShortKeys to find a match on a typed in shortkey.
  • If the shift key was still being held down when a shortkey was typed and the replacement text was to be sent via the keyboard, the replacement text could end up with some of the text in the shifted state. The shift key could be held down in cases where the last character in a shortkey was a capital letter. This problem no longer exists as ShortKeys will now wait for the shift key to be released before it starts to play back the replacement text.
  • It was possible to enter a "blank" shortkey which would cause very undesirable side effects while typing in other programs. This is no longer possible.
  • When using the "File | Open" option or selecting one of the recently used ShortKey files from the File menu, it was possible for the "prefix" keys not to initially register correctly and for the new file to use the prefix keys that were set for the previously opened file.

Revision history for previous versions
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Revision history for current version
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