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Revision History

Version 1.6x

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Version 1.6b
  • Bug Fix: It was possible in some cases for an access violation to occur when adding or editing a new shortkey if a substantial number of shortkeys (1000+) were in the existing shortkey file. This error appeared to be caused by a timing issue in redrawing the main window showing the list of shortkeys.
  • Bug Fix: When using "File | New" from the menu to create a new file AND the file already exists, the old file would not be overwritten.
Version 1.6a
  • The case sensitivity defaults were not being used as a default when a new ShortKey was created.
Version 1.6
  • Allow the option of most common punctuation to be a suffix trigger.
  • Allow the option of suffix key to be retyped automatically after the shortkey plays back.
  • Allow the "exact match" case sensitivity option to be applied on an individual shortkey basis.
  • Allow new "match first character" case sensitivity option to be applied on an individual shortkey basis.
  • Allow a user specified delay in milliseconds to be used between each key sent when using the send via keyboard option. This can be set on an individual shortkey basis.
  • ShortKeys will now take into account the backspace key so that it can be used to correct a shortkey you are typing.
  • A Find, Find Again and Search and Replace option are now available in the shortkey Editor.
  • A spell checker is now available in the shortkey Editor. Both American and British Dictionaries are available.
  • A Search and Search Next option is now available to search for a key word or words through out all of the defined shortkeys. A shortkey with text that contains the keys word or words will be highlighted.
  • Better handling of "dead keys" has been added.
  • Allow the \ key to be used as a prefix key.
  • New system tray menu options for better and easier access to the program from the system tray.
  • Allow virtually an unlimited number of shortkeys to be defined per file.
  • Allow current date and time stamps to be placed inside a shortkey including dates in the past or future.
  • For shortkeys using the "Suffix Option"--a new "Hint" mode is now available. A small window will popup showing your shortkey and up to the first 50 characters of the replacement Text. This alerts you to the fact that hitting the suffix key (i.e. enter, space, etc.) will invoke the substitution. It will also help to distinguish between closely named shortkeys such as "ap", "app", "appr", etc as you will be able to see what the substitution is before it is made. You can choose from 9 locations of where to have the "Hint Window" appear on the top most window you are working in.
  • Added new pricing structure reflecting better discounts for multiple license purchases.

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