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Revision History

Version 1.5x

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Version 1.5a
  • Keyboard Layouts that use "Dead Keys" (such as the U.S. International) to form accented characters did not work properly with ShortKeys. This revision will allow the ', ", ~, and ` keys to behave as intended on these keyboard layouts. Unfortunately, a bug in Windows appears to not allow us to detect the ^ key as a "dead key".
Version 1.5
  • Added support for International & Symbol Key playback via keyboard.
  • Added easy insertion of International and Symbol keys.
  • Added option of clipboard vs. keyboard playback at the individual shortkey level.
  • Added ability to import shortkeys from a text file.
  • Added ability to import shortkeys from an ASCII Delimited text file.
  • Added ability to export shortkeys to a text file.
  • Added Suffix capability
  • Bug Fix: If low memory option was in use, then the "output shortkey list" would not work.
  • Option to place icon in System Tray.
  • Added Command Line Options:
    • /B for Browse mode - cannot modify any shortkeys, but can change configurations and load in a different shortkey file.
    • /BA for Browse All mode - cannot modify anything, can only shut down the program.
    • /F<FileName> for loading in a specific macro file on startup. <Filename> is replaced with the macro file name.
    • /N for forcing the program into "Network Mode"
    • /S for forcing the Automatic Synchronization (Networks Only) option to be used.
    • /SMxx for overriding the Network Synchronization Minutes. "xx" should be substituted with the number of minutes that macro file synchronization should take place.
    • /UP for using of Prefix Key
    • /US for using of Suffix
    • /Pxx for forcing the Prefix Keys where "xx" should be substituted with a valid prefix keys. Invalid prefix keys are ignored.
    • /CC Set clipboard setting to "Use Clipboard For All"
    • /CK Set clipboard setting to "Use Keyboard For All"
    • /CI Set clipboard setting to "Use Individual Settings"
    • /L Set "Low Memory" Option
    • /SOL Set "Solitary Usage" Option
    • /C Set "Case Sensitivity" Option
    • /T Place in System Tray
  • Added Networking capabilities option. In "Network Mode", file locking is performed preventing overwriting of data by 2 or more users. If a user attempts to change any data in the shortkeys file and the data they currently display has been altered by another user, the user will be notified that the macro data has been changed and the new macro data will be loaded and displayed. A synchronization option is available to allow automatic updating of the data displayed for a given user. This updating can be set to occur every minute, every two minutes on up to every 99 minutes.
  • All configuration options saved immediately.
  • Added a "Counter Column" option where the number of ShortKeys can be displayed.


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