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Insight Software Solutions, Inc.’s New ShortKeys Software Benefits Anyone from Gamers to Businesses

July 18 2014 – Kaysville, UT – Insight Software Solutions, Inc. has announced that their ShortKeys macro software is beneficial to everyone from gamers to executives. The macro program is rising in popularity as broad spectrums of users are discovering the benefits of this text replacement software. Businesses use it to generate commonly typed information such as personal details and to avoid commonly misspelled words while gamers use it to log in to their games fast and not miss out on any action.


The program is also used extensively by medical professionals, educators, writers, customer service representatives, executive assistants and others. Any time repetitive text is required, just type a few shortcut characters and the ShortKeys macro software will instantly insert the text.


ShortKeys is a Windows text replacement utility designed to help users type faster and more accurately. Create abbreviations (shortkeys) for longer words and phrases to ultimately save time and money.


To use, just define a shortkey for a longer text string, such as tvm for Thank you very much.


Now instead of typing Thank you very much, just type tvm into any Windows application and ShortKeys will do the rest, instantly replacing the shortkey abbreviation with the longer text string. Create any number of shortkeys and watch the time savings quickly add up.


Create shortkeys to insert a word, sentence, paragraph or several paragraphs into applications, saving the user time and eliminating typing errors. Each shortkey may contain up to 65,536 characters of replacement text. Create virtually an unlimited number of shortkeys per file.


To find out more about the text replacement macro software contact Insight Software Solutions, Inc. directly.

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