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Insight Software Solutions, Inc. Offers Portable Text Expansion Software

February 19, 2014 – Kaysville, UT Insight Software Solutions, Inc. is offering their portable text expansion software that can be taken anywhere with the program’s user. Portable text expansion software replaces words, sentences and paragraphs with a pre-determined keystroke shortcut.

The setup is easy and users adapt to the program so quickly that after a couple of weeks they find it hard to not bring the portable text expansion software with them wherever they go. Since the program can be put on a thumb drive it is completely portable. This is ideal for when an employee is working offsite, or has a loaner computer while the other is being repaired. Employees can even bring their program home to work after hours, or when they are sick. It is such an easy program to get used to that many people that started using the software for business end up using at home too. It’s a program that saves time, monotony and prevents the physical discomforts of typing for too long.

There are a number of advantages to using portable text expansion software and ShortKeys can be used on a word processor, text editor, e-mail program and more. ShortKeys replaces a text string of up to 32 characters with a word, sentence, paragraph or several paragraphs. This allows users to save time by not having to manually type text. This also allows for errors in typing to be eliminated.

ShortKeys is a program that is ideal for sales, customer service, teachers, bloggers or any position that requires repetitive typing.

To learn more about ShortKeys Portable contact Insight Software Solutions, Inc. directly.

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