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Insight Software Solutions, Inc. Receives New Testimonials for Text Replacement Software

July 17, 2013 – Kaysville, UT Insight Software Solutions, Inc. has just announced that they have received new testimonials for their text replacement software, “ShortKeys.” ShortKeys is a software solution that is ideal for professionals that have to repeat the same text over and again throughout the work day.


By programming the keyboard to repeat text, professionals can save a significant amount of time, freeing their schedule to increase productivity. Other benefits of the Short Keys software include reducing injuries in the hands and wrists and eliminating errors due to fatigue.


Insight Software Solutions, Inc. has recently received new reviews from customers that have purchased text replacement software and find the program to be beneficial to their workplace and projects, and customer service to be prompt and reliable after the initial purchase. Some of these testimonials include:


“I would like to sincerely thank you for your prompt response and solution for my short keys issue. It is a pleasure doing business with your company. I will continue to highly recommend your product to people, and advise them of your excellent customer service. Thanks again!” P. Corso


“I have used Macro Express and ShortKeys every day the last many years. I think it speeds up my work writing maybe 20% in efficiency. I use ShortKeys as Autotexts in Word, with the benefit to use the same autotexts in all applications (HTML-editors etc) and not just in MS Word. I also enjoy that I do not have to re-install the autotext in Word, every time I reinstall Office.” –Michael K., Denmark


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