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Insight Software Solutions, Inc. Announce Windows Typing Program that Reduces Employee Injuries

December 13, 2013- Kaysville, UT Insight Software Solutions, Inc. has just announced that their Windows typing programs decrease the risks of carpal tunnel syndrome for employees that perform repetitive tasks on the computer.


Customer support representatives and call center agents tend to write the same text throughout the day. Not only does this make employees prone to the painful condition carpal tunnel syndrome but it also results in boredom and loss of motivation. Windows typing programs offer a number of benefits to both employers and their team including saving time, reducing mundane tasks and preventing injuries. This results in employees that are more content within their roles and increases productivity. Employers do not need to hire as many employees and save the time and resources that are associated with the hiring and training process.


There are numerous benefits of ShortKeys and this is a program that is intended for use with a word processor, text editor, e-mail program and more. It replaces a text string of up to 32 characters with a word, sentence, paragraph or several paragraphs, saving the user time by not having to manually type text. This also allows for errors in typing to be eliminated. Individuals may enter an unlimited number of replacement text combinations. The replacement text may be up to 65,536 characters in length. This is a program that is ideal for sales, customer service, bloggers and any position that requires repetitive typing.


Insight Software Solutions can be contacted directly during business hours for questions and comments regarding their Windows typing programs.

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