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ShortKeys Portable – Don’t Leave Home Without It

October 10, 2012 – Kaysville, UT – Insight Software Solutions, Inc. announces the release of a portable version of its popular ShortKeys macro program for Windows.

Create text shortcuts to play back longer strings of text. Insert the string of text into another application just by typing a short user defined keystroke combination (shortkey).

Now users can take the convenience of ShortKeys with them, wherever they happen to be. The program installs directly onto a portable device, such as a USB drive, flash drive or similar. Just plug the device into any Windows computer, start ShortKeys and text replacement is ready to go.

The program is completely self-contained on the portable drive. All shortkey macros are stored directly on the drive. When finished, and the device is removed, ShortKeys does not leave any trace on the host computer.

Quit typing the same things over and over. Save thousands of keystrokes per day with ShortKeys. Say goodbye to typing errors and reduce strain by letting ShortKeys do the typing.

Besides being a huge time saver, ShortKeys is incredibly easy to use. Just choose a text string shortcut, add the replacement text and save. It is now ready for playback in any Windows application.

Those who do any repetitive typing will immediately recognize the benefits of ShortKeys. For example, support center or medical facility personnel repeatedly type the same things. Create shortkey macros to speed response times or data entry. Enhance productivity and improve accuracy.

If you work on computers in multiple locations, then take ShortKeys Portable along to whichever computer you happen to be working on. The productivity gains plus convenience will be noticeable.

ShortKeys Portable runs under Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP, costs $29.95(US), and may be ordered securely online from Multi-user and site licenses are available.

Download a free, fully functional, 30-day trial version of ShortKeys from the same address.

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