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Contact: Stan Jones
Phone: 801-927-5009

ShortKeys 4 Text Automation Software Now Released

Kaysville, UT (August 4, 2021) Insight Software Solutions announces the release of ShortKeys 4, a major update to its popular text replacement application.


ShortKeys is an easy way to speed up typing and get more done. Just type a couple of letters and watch the text expand to type out words, phrases or large blocks of text. Anything that is typed repetitively can be set up as a shortkey macro to improve productivity.


The program sets up in no time at all. Within minutes, or less, the first shortkey macro can be running in another app. There is practically no learning curve.

Features new to ShortKeys 4 include:

  • A redesigned interface to make it more user friendly
  • Insert embedded hyperlinks and email links into applications
  • Password protect the shortkey data file
  • Easily insert images into applications
  • Full support for 4K/UHD monitors
  • Automated updating process to get the latest features
  • Additional keys available for playback, such as the F1 – F12 keys and others.

ShortKeys allows users to play back the text at varying speeds or to paste through the clipboard. Also paste text in rich text format with different fonts, sizes, colors, and more. Or pause macro playback to allow entry of customized text and then continue.

Those who do any repetitive typing will recognize the benefits of the ShortKeys text replacement software.

  • Eliminate the tediousness of typing the same things over and over.
  • Save up to thousands of keystrokes per day by not manually typing repetitive text.
  • Say goodbye to typing errors by using the already predefined replacement text.
  • Reduce strain on hands and wrists by letting ShortKeys do the typing.

Download an evaluation copy from The price for a single license is $34.95 USD.



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